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Machining Facility

We have 12500 Sq Ft of Precision CNC Machining Facility installed with a combination of 20 CNC Machining & Turning Centers along with Surface Grinding, Horizontal Honing & Vertical Honing, Radius Grinding, Gun Drilling / Deep Hole Drilling, Centerless Grinding, Induction Hardening, Rod Cutting, Lapping and Super Finishing Machines. We also have Standards Room with TESA 3D Manual CMM & also a full fledged CNC CMM from Hexagon Metrology Model Global S Green with PC-DIMS Software for Automated Measurements for Prototype Jobs & Production Jobs

We are a Comprehensive Machine Shop giving you One Stop Solution for all our Customer's Precision Machined Parts requirement & Assembly needs. We also Outsource activities that are not in-house to ensure our Customers get the end product and/or assembly for direct to use or direct to fitment at their assembly lines. We have a dedicated Assembly Room as per our Customer stipulated requirements. We always pursue our parts to be on the Green Channel on the Assembly Lines of our Customers

To ensure Quality delivery, we have established in-line inspection methods, with Pneumatic Air Gauging systems where required, along with Laser Marking of QR Codes for traceability of the parts. Automated CMM and Manual CMM are regularly in use to ensure accurate dimensional inspection is performed. We also have Millipore Lab to ensure cleanliness of the parts delivered to our Customers. We have Micro Hardness Testing Machines for HRc (Rockwell Harndess), Hv (Vickers Hardness) & BHN (Brinell Hardness) Testing Machine 

We use SolidWorks & CAMWorks for our 3D Modelling, Design of Parts & SPM Machines (for in-house use to improve productivity) & for Programming of CNC Machines 

Foundry Facility

We have an established Iron Foundry to produce Resin Sand (Shell Sand) Molded Parts which weigh from 50 Grams to 25 KGS which are being machined at our facility. We produce all Grades of Cast Iron & Spheroidal Grade (SG Iron/Ductile Iron) at our Foundry. Chilled Cast Iron is one of our forte in the Foundry. Following are the list of ferrous grades that we produce at our Foundry

We also procure Green Sand Castings from our associated foundries to ensure a one stop solution if offered to our Customers

We also procure and machine Bar Stock material of commercial grade Steel. Machining of components from Bar Route material which can be Round and / or Plates. We also Deep Drill / Gun Drill Shafts of Diameter up to 30 MM. Material CK45, EN8 and other commercial grade material is also processed at our facility


Machining Infrastructure

  • CNC Turning Centers

  • CNC Vertical Machining Centers

  • Rotary Indexer With 4th Axis Positional Machining

  • Cradle Type Indexing Setup for Full 4th Axis Machining

  • Deep Hole Drilling / Gun Drilling Machine

  • PC-DMIS Controlled Hexagon Global S CMM

  • Fully Automated CNC OD Cylindrical Grinding Machine

  • Fully Automated CNC Internal (ID) Grinding Machine

  • Induction Hardening Machine

  • Surface Grinding Machine

  • Centerless Grinding Machines

  • Radius Grinding Machines

  • Vertical & Horizontal Honing Machines

  • TESA 3D Manual CMM

  • Surface Roughness Tester

  • Laser Marking Machine for QR Code Part Traceability

  • Parts Cleaning Equipment

  • Lapping Machine

  • Super Finishing Machine

  • Rod Cutting Machine (Diameter < 50 MM)

  • Hydraulic Fixtures for Machining

  • Special Purpose Hydraulic Chucks for Turning

  • Oil Flow Testing Facility

  • Leak Testing Facility

  • Assembly Room / Facility

Foundry Infrastructure

  • 250 KW Induction Furnace

  • 150 MT / Month Melting Capacity

  • Dual Crucible IGBT Furnace

  • Resin Coated Sand (RSC) Molded Castings (Shell Sand Castings)

  • Vertical Parting Molding Machines

  • Horizontal Parting Molding Machines

  • Dumpbox Molding Machines

  • Shot Blasting Machine

  • Heat Treatment Furnace

  • Grinding & Fettling Machines

Ferrous Casting Grades

Cast Iron

  1. FG150 / FG200 / FG260 / FG300 / FG350 / FG 400

  2. GG15 / GG20 / GG 25 / GG30 / GG35 / GG 40

  3. EN-GJL-150 / EN-GJL-200 / EN-GJL-250 / EN-GJL-300 / EN-GJL-350 

  4. Chilled Cast Iron

Spheroidal Iron / Ductile Iron Grades (SG Iron / DI Iron)

  1. SG 450-10 / SG 500-7 / SG 600-3 / SG 700-2

  2. GGG50 / GGG60 / GGG70

  3. EN-GJS-450-10 / EN-GJS-500-7 / EN-GJS-600-3 / EN-GJS-700-2

  4. ASTM 60-42-10 / 70-50-05 / 80-55-06 / 100-70-03

CNC Vertical Machining Center
CNC Vertical Machining Center
CNC Turning Center
Hexagon Metrology Global S CMM
Hexagon Metrology Global S CMM Specification
Hexagon Metrology Indexable CMM Digital Probe Head
Hexagon Metrology Indexable CMM Digital Probe Head Specification
Iron Foundry for Low Weight Castings ranging from 50 Grams to 25 KGS. Shell Sand (RCS) Mold Castings
Iron Foundry for Low Weight Castings ranging from 50 Grams to 25 KGS. Shell Sand (RCS) Mold Castings

We are ISO 9001:2015 Certified. Click Here to view the Certificate

We also source, procure and manufacture precision parts and assemblies from various grades of Steel & Aluminum Bar Stock

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