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We offer following services and aim to be a One Stop Solution provider to our Customers

  • In-House Foundry Production of Iron Castings of Cast Iron, Ductile Iron Grades & Chilled Cast Iron Grades

  • Parts weighing from 50 Grams to 25 KGS are produced at our Foundry

  • CNC Machining of Castings, Steel & Aluminum Components. We procure Aluminum & Steel raw material from trusted and certified sources

  • Assembly of Parts which are ready to fit

  • Surface Grinding, Centerless Grinding & Radius Grinding

  • Lapping & Honing to achieve the required Size consistency & Surface Finish

  • Gun Drilling (Deep Hole Drilling)

  • Induction Hardening to achieve hardness up to 60 HRc

  • Super Finishing to achieve surface roughness < 0.8 Rz (~ < 0.1 Ra)

  • In-Line inspection using Pneumatic Gauging Systems

  • 3D CMM Inspection using PC-DMIS programmed Hexagon Metrology Global S - Performance Version Green

  • TESA 3D Manual CMM for shop floor inspection

We also offer CMM Programming Services using PC-DMIS Software and also 3D Modelling using SolidWorks. We also offer services to convert 2D Drawings to 3D Models  

Hexagon Metrology CMM Measurement Services
Hexagon Metrology PCDMIS CMM Programming Services
SolidWorks 3D Modellng & CAD Drawing Services

Hydraulic Fixture Design & Small Sized SPM Design Services

  • We design and develop Hydraulic Machining Fixtures for Efficient Volume Production of Parts & Components on our CNC Machines. We also provide Fixture Design Services to our Customer requirements

  • We also develop small sized SPM solutions for parts produced in volumes to reduce the Takt time using these SPM Machines. We design, develop & assemble these SPMs in-house for our own use and offer design services if required in special cases

  • Our Deep Hole Drilling / Gun Drilling Machines, Radial Grinding Machines, Slotting & Super Finishing Machines are designed, developed and assembled in-house for our use in manufacturing of our precision parts & components 

Hydraulic Machining Fixture
Hydraulic Machining Fixture
Hydraulic Machining Fixture
Deep Hole Drilling / Gun Drilling Machine
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